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Force USB driver deletion


Possible solutions

Use CleanRegistry.bat

1. Run Windows Explorer and open %ProgramData%\isystem\drivers\WinUSB folder.

2. Right click on the CleanRegistry.bat and select Run As Administrator.

3. A utility PcExec from Mark Russinovich (wininternals) will be executed which deletes all the entries from the registry.

If an error is reported or entries are not deleted (check using regedit), use the USB Deview utility and the procedure described below.

Use USB Deview

1. Download either x64 version or x86 version of the application based on the type of Windows you are using from:

2. Extract the zip to some folder and run the application.

3. The list of devices is shown in the main window.

4. Sort them by Vendor ID.

5. Right-click on the desired entry and from the drop down menu select Uninstall Selected Devices.

6. Repeat the procedure for every entry in the list that belongs to emulators.

7. Do not forget to clean the flags. Refer to the topic Registry clean-up.

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