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Arm Cortex / Cypress Traveo II: Freeze peripherals during debug halt


The peripherals on Traveo II devices, such as timers, are not frozen by default when the device is halted in debugging.

Possible solution

Custom initialization scripts are distributed with winIDEA to freeze the Traveo's peripherals on debug halt.

1. Navigate to Hardware | CPU Options | Initialization before Debug session | Initialize.

2. Select Custom.

3. Click on the arrow button and select from the SFR folder the script <device>_DebugFreezeEnable.cpp matching the Traveo series you are debugging.

4. Click again on the arrow button and select Parameters for <device>_DebugFreezeEnable.cpp to further refine the selection of your target.

For CYT2Bx devices: In the Parameters for <device>_DebugFreezeEnable.cpp, it is important to select the correct core that will assert the debug freeze signal.

These initialization scripts use CTM/CTI Channel 2 and should not be used together with the Trace Cross Trigger Channel CTM/CTI, because they may interfere with trace.

More resources in winIDEA Help

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