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Most common issues you can encounter as a first-time BlueBox user


You get a BlueBox, hooks it up, and can’t start debugging? What went wrong and what can you do about it? This topic lists the most common reasons for failure that you as a first-time user can encounter.

Possible problems and solutions

Licensing issues
  • If you have more iC5 BlueBox Debuggers, you have to make sure that proper INIT strings are given to the end users
    • After purchasing the architecture add-ons, you have to request and program Activation Key(s)

Refer to the Licensing category for more troubleshooting tips.

Target specifics
  • Watchdog issues - Refer to the category Watchdog
  • Infineon TriCore - Wrong Debug protocol (JTAG/DAP/DAPE) used, check the topic DAP/DAPE configuration issues
  • Target design - Inadequate hardware design, encompassing both the board layout and connectors, can lead to signal integrity issues
  • No power - If your target doesn't have an LED indicating the power state, you should check if your target is powered

Symbols issues

You can’t set a breakpoint or the source files aren’t shown.

Refer to the topic Source-level debugging not available.

winIDEA crashing

winIDEA crashes when performing a download or a similar debug operation.

Refer to the topic winIDEA is not responding

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